Thursday, 9 November 2023 17:17

Leaders: is there a gap between what you say you do, and what you actually do?

Beaumont Hill Academy, Darlington, is a specialist provider for children with special educational needs aged 2-19 years. 

The school states that it focuses on each individual, starting with a clear understanding of their unique needs and then builds a pathway to support their learning and progression through school. Courageous Senior leaders in the school asked me in for the day yesterday to check whether their everyday actions reflected their values-essentially to feedback on how I viewed their culture.

Wow- I was blown away by the love and nurturing way that staff connect with the children in their care. Teaching teams work alongside pastoral teams and integrated therapies to create programmes to support learning and enable achievement. 

The school have certainly been able to ‘mind the gap’ between policy and practice, and their culture is the foundation that clearly sets the school up for success.

How do you know that your actions align with your values?

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